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Live A Life Of Integrity

‘The integrity of the upright will guide them.’ Proverbs 11:3 NKJV

After leading the tribes of Israel for several decades, the prophet Samuel didn’t get a retirement party and a gold watch. He got something much better! It was this commendation: ‘You have not cheated or oppressed us.’ (1 Samuel 12:4 NIV) He led the people, instructed them, and blessed them, but not one time did he take advantage of them.

How refreshing! How remarkable—particularly in today’s world of business and politics. CS Lewis said, ‘Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make a man a more clever devil.’ So before you set your goals, determine your values. Values are like guard rails on the motorway; they keep you from veering off the road and over the edge. They determine how far you’ll go on questionable issues. Knowing what matters and what you truly value is the key to living a life of meaning and purpose. For most of us the problem isn’t having values, the problem is living them out.

We all value honesty, integrity, and forgiveness, but when we’re pressed, do we really live them out—especially when it costs us? Pursuing a life of values comes with a price. But what we get in exchange is the ability to hold our head high during the day and sleep well at night. And perhaps just as important—it allows us to relax and be ourselves. The mental toll of cheating, lying, and stealing is draining. Trying to remember the lie you told someone last week, so that today’s lie will match up, can literally wear you out. When you live a life of integrity, you don’t have to worry about such things!

SoulFood: Deut 3–4, Luke 9:46–56, Ps 46, Pr 16:20–22

The Word for Today is authored by Bob and Debby Gass and published under licence from UCB International Copyright ©



Hakmatek ba, no hatene ba katak Hau mak Maromak. ‘Salmo 46:10

Mai ita hare ba Eskritura ne’e.

  1. Hakmatek ba’. Atividades nebe lao ho ansiedade (kecemasan) lolos ida ne’e impede Maromak hodi hatudu Nia forsa. Ida ne’e la signifika o pasivu ou barukten; mais signifika katak, halo saida mak Maromak diriji, no la halo uluk liu Maromak. Signifika mos katak ita hakruk ba Nia hodi hein Nia. Tambasa? Hodi iha serteza katak ita iha sentimentu hakmatek hodi tuir nia ideia nebe ita fiar katak Nia fob a ita hare iha (Kolose 3:15). Husu ba nia atu revela Nia vontade ba ita, depois ita ‘hakmatek’, rekonhese katak Nia mak responsavel no Nia hatene saida mak Nia sei halo.
  2. ‘Hatene ba katak Hau mak Maromak’. Ida ne’e signifika katak laos ita mak Maromak!

Bainhira ita la obedese Maromak, la konsulta ho Maromak ou la konhese Nia tempu, ida ne’e ita hases Maromak husi ita nia moris no ita komesa hakarak troka Maromak nia fatin.

No ita hatene ida ne’e dura to’o bainhira? Bainhira vizaun laiha, povu sei lakon, maibe nia nebe halo tuir lei sei haksolok. (Proverbios 29:18).

Maibe Biblia mos hateten, ‘Tamba vizaun ne’e sei hein to’o tempu loos. ‘(Habakuk 2:3a).

Tinan 200 liu ba, Ministru Amerika Henry Ward Beecher hateten, ‘Forsa mane ida nian konsiste husi deskobre oinsa bele hetan Maromak nia dalan, no bele tuir ida ne’e. Entaun labele husik seminariu ida ou personalidade nebe impasiente (la pasiensia) dudu ita atu ita halo liu fali Maromak, ou koko atu ita kontinua avansa ho ita nia forsa rasik, ida ne’e sala!

Hakmatek no hein iha Maromak, ida ne’e mak loos!


Hahan ba klamar: Deut 1–2, Lucas 9: 37–45, Sal 42: 6–11, Pr 16: 17–19


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